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We are firm believers in assisting our clients as much as possible BUT ensuring your Domain name and Hosting is under YOUR control. Experience has taught us that it is very important to have control over your own business assets. It may seem like an easy option to allow someone else to do all this for you but if anything goes wrong you may find you have lost control over a part of your business. We can guide you through this process as much as you require.

SEO is the catch cry these days and we do all that is possible by ensuring your new site follows the recommendations and monitoring after it has gone live. This means your text needs to undergo some close inspection for key words as well as the actual build of your site. It should never be forgotten however that it is a popularity contest. Engines such as Google favour those sites which simply are the most popular and appear as links through many connecting sites.




Design Time Line

Once you have agreed to use the services of CP Web Design I require a 50% deposit to proceed. We will have agreed on the content and feel of the site which will enable me to offer a design selection as our starting point for you to choose from. Then we go about the fine tuning of the design and content with each stage being uploaded to our server for you to view and monitor. This is the stage to make design or content alterations. Communication is critical during this exciting process.

I ask that the content be thoroughly checked and rechecked to ensure there are no mistakes. Your site will undergo numerous checking stages in house to make sure it is all as error free as humanly possible


Once your web site has been approved it is time to go live! Final payment is due prior to its final release. If you have a domain name we are able to set this up for you and assist in web hosting choices.

We include a 2 week minor adjustment phase after your site has gone live to ensure we cover any issues that may have been missed or more likely, minor changes to text. It is just as important to us that your site looks and works great!



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So I may assist you, please feel free to use our enquiry form. This will allow me to glean a little information which will help me understand your requirements.

What we offer for your Website project

  • Quality Graphics
  • original Designs
  • Stylish sites
  • ecommerce sites
  • CMS


We offer competitive, affordable web solutions that recognise the need for economy without sacrificing quality. We understand the need to work within your budget, yet achieve quality results that will help your marketing and investment go further.




Good quality graphics and photos. If you have photos you would like to include it is absolutely essential they are of good quality. Sure, pictures can be enhanced and cleaned up but you can't "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" as the old saying goes. If you need professional photo's taken to make your site stand out and to be proud of, do it! It will be worth it in the end. If you need some help with this, we may have some contacts for you.


Look Around

To get started with your web site direction it can be a good idea to have a look around the Internet and write down a list of what you like and don't like about various sites you see. Once you have made up a list, work on a rough flowchart of the pages or sections you would like on your web site, you also need to then think about the finer design details of your site. This will make it a lot easier for us to visualise the web design you are aiming for and can save a lot of time, frustration and expense. If you have a logo, stationary such as letter head and/or brochures then these can also be used as a starting point to ensure that the design of your site also fits in with current branding.

Ideally, your domain name should be easy to remember and spell, clearly state what you do and protect your brand or company name.